5 Celeb Wines You May Need Right Now

Posted | by James Kornacki

5 Celeb Wines You May Need Right Now

Drake’s Love of Moscato

This is the first but it may be the oddest of the bunch. Is Drake really responsible for the ever-growing popularity of Moscato wine in America today? He may have had some help from ‘Lil Kim and others, but Drake deserves credit. Sweet, bubbly, and low alcohol make this the ideal candidate for all night drinking. I mean, with these kind of lyrics from ‘Do It Now’ by Drake, how can you not want a glass if Moscato?

  • It’s a celebration
  • IClap clap bravo
  • ILobster and shrimp
  • IAnd a glass of moscato
  • IFor the girl whose a student
  • IAnd her friend whose a model
  • IFinished the whole bottle…

Brangelina’s Provence Rosé 

It really is too bad that Brangelina is breaking up because they happened to own a winery and property called Miraval in southern France that produced some pretty good pink wine. Compared to most wines on this list, the Miraval is batting above average and is a decent Celeb wine bargain at $20-25. We’ve had it and we can confirm it’s actually respectable juice. Sad to say, rumor is that they will be selling the property, likely for more than the $60 million they paid for it. If you’re interested in it, you really shouldn’t be reading this blog because you’re too classy for us.

Barrymore Wines

If we had to guess after looking at the label, we’d predict that Drew Barrymore’s wines aren’t very good. But, looking on the bright side, we are very confident that passing them through the Ullo filter will make them taste better.

Mike Ditka

Mike Ditka is an NFL legend and football royalty in our home base of Chicago. He brought Chicago the last NFL Championship in 1985 and has his own chain of steakhouses around the country. Unlike Drew Barrymore’s effort, his “All-American Wines” are pretty damn good, starting in the $10-20 range and going all the way up to $60. You can find them in retail locations and at his restaurant.

Donald Trump’s Fine Juice

Just kidding, Donald Trump doesn’t drink. No really, he doesn’t drink, it’s not a joke. Our President may be exhibit tendencies of a petulant child on Twitter but he seems to be surprisingly obedient to the no booze rule. He does, however, own a winery in Virginia. Guess what it’s called? You got it, Trump Winery. He also used to make Trump Vodka, which he predicted was going to be the most popular vodka in 2006, but it quickly flopped.

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