Üllo Wine Purifier is Rated the Best Wine Aerator

Posted | by Nick Brewer

Üllo Wine Purifier is Rated the Best Wine Aerator

The Üllo Wine Purifier was rated 10/10 best buy by  

"Whether you’re a hobby or an expert wine drinker, this wine purifier offers an easy and effective way to aerate wine. Ullo was designed by James Kornacki, a doctor at Northwestern University from Chicago who loved wine but was sensitive to sulphites. His mission was to bring wine back to its natural state without artificial sulphites that are added as a preservative. A mission which he’s achieved.

The Ullo has three main components, the cup, the filter and the aerator. The Ullo wine purifier works by pouring the wine through the cup and directly into a glass or carafe. It has a wide opening, so it’s easy to pour through. There is also an adjustable aerator, so you twist it on if you want your wine aerated or twist the opposite way if you don’t. This is perfect if you want to use the Ullo on whites or rose that doesn’t need to be aerated, but you still want to remove the presence of sulphites. The filters use selective sulfate capture technology, which removes the sulphites and sediment from the bottle. The filters are single-use and can purify a standard 750ml bottle. It comes with a rubber base, so there won’t be any drips or stains left when you’re in between glasses. This is a really nifty little wine aerator, it’s compact and easy to store. The wine did taste better and we love easy it was to use, especially if you just want a glass or two. Plus, the Ullo is made using a BPA-free polymer so it’s stain-resistant and dishwasher safe."

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