Üllo Featured on the Unfiltered a Wine Podcast

Posted | by Joe Radosevich

Üllo Featured on the Unfiltered a Wine Podcast

Yes, Üllo definitely does remove the Sulphites but don't take our opinion, check out this podcast!

Former sommelier of The Ritz Hotel in London, Jonathan Kleeman, and co-host Unina Doyle gives you their take on Üllo for two delicious Spanish varietals. We loved hearing their reactions that the purified Monastrell is more elegant, more complex and that they "massively prefer" the filtered version. Please check out their podcast, for 26 minutes of your time you'll learn a ton about Sulphites and how Üllo can make your favorite wine better. Plus, you'll learn some posh British wine lingo like "gagedty-boo". Cheers!

You can listen to the podcast here:



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